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Are You Using Google+ To Grow Your Business?

Google+ has recently celebrated its first anniversary and is reported to have already grown to 75 million daily active users.  Because Google+ is gaining popularity and momentum, it is definitely a social media platform on which your business should have a presence.  Google+ provides your business two advantages over the competition: better search rankings and an impressive array of internal communications features.   How can Google+ be used to benefit your business?

How Does An Effective Google+ Presence Benefit Your Business?

•    Improves your rankings in Google searches

•    Provides access to the 75 million daily active users of Google +

•    Easier connection with clients due to the Google+ emphasis on direct and personal relationships

•    Enhanced access to large groupings of contacts through the implementation of Google + “Circles”

•    High levels of consumer response because Google+ is dominated by high quality professional and informational content which greatly appeals to consumers

•    Direct text and video chat communications with your clients via Google+ hangout, a communications tool that allows you to communicate with your customers via text and video chat).  It’s the perfect setup for market research and all for a small $20 investment in a webcam and a little time.

What customization of Google+ do we provide to make it
an effective business tool?

We Plan, Coordinate and Customize Your Google+ Setup to Work Effectively for Your Business by:

•    Setting up your Google+ business page

•    Building your bio around keywords researched to be effective for leading new clients to your business

•    Coordinating your Google+ banner style with your blog and other social media profile pages

•    Creating your “Circles” making it easy to share the right things with the right people

•    Building your brand recognition through consistency in images, colors and personality across social media platforms

The Bottom Line?

You free yourself to focus your time and expertise on the core of your business. Meanwhile, Google+ works powerfully in the background continually and effectively engaging your clients and reinforcing your brand.

Let us help put Google+ to work for you!  Please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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