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Are You Using the Power of LinkedIn To Grow Your Business?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.  As of June 2012, LinkedIn reported 175 million+ registered users in more than 200 countries and territories.   Although many use this network when seeking employment, it is also a rich source of contacts, and a platform that supports the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and opportunities.  Properly engaged, LinkedIn provides exceptional opportunities for benefitting your business.

How LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Business

•    Provides a platform to share and promote your blog or company website

•    Affords access to a network of relevant business contacts

•    Connects you to potential employees or service providers

•    Offers the feature of creating a group.  Groups filter participants into shared interests and are a launching point to direct traffic to your website

•    Features a self-service advertising system “LinkedIn Ads” which reaches its 175+ million user base

What type of planning and coordination in the customization
of LinkedIn can make it an effective business tool?

How We Customize Your LinkedIn Setup to Work Effectively for Your Business

•    Complete your profile, effectively underscoring your credibility and adding to your trust factor

•    Review and edit your LinkedIn resume for searchable keywords and professional presentation

•    Create a new or update an exitsing company profile and periodically update its status, assuring it is fresh and interesting

•    Build connections to your company page by researching other LinkedIn subscribers and groups, inviting them to connect

•    Engage and network with people from companies you are linked to

•    Check for In-messages and connection requests with your profile

•    Establish and activate your LinkedIn Ad

The Bottom Line?

You can focus your time and expertise on the core of your business. Meanwhile, LinkedIn works in the background to continually expand your potential client base, engage your existing clients and reinforce your brand.

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