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Are You Using the Power of Pinterest To Grow Your Business?

Pinterest is the third largest, and currently, fastest growing Social Media site.  One study shows Pinterest as re-directing more visitors to websites than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined! So, Pinterest has great potential for the growth of your business.  If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, here’ how it works…

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest is an exceptional platform for content marketing.  Images and videos are at the heart of a great Pinterest experience.  The more compelling the image, the more likely those who view it will act on it.  Pinterest users take action by re-pinning content to their own collections (boards), liking content, commenting, and following other users’ collections.  Like any social media platform, it’s fun to use on a personal basis.   But how can it help your business?

How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business

•    Reaches people who you couldn’t reach otherwise

•    Connects you with people who have identified themselves as interested in your niche

•    Creates buzz around your product

•    Creates an easy way for potential clients to click-through to your website

What type of planning and coordination in the customization of Pinterest can make it an effective business tool?

How We Customize Your Pinterest Setup to Work Effectively for You

•     Create your Pinterest account

•    Create your customized Pinterest bio

•    Create and choose themes for your boards, based on your target client profile.   For example:  Products I Love, Client Success Stories, Places to Visit

•    Search the web for relevant images and items and pin them to your boards

•    Build your audience by cross-promoting your Pinterest presence on other social networks.  Integrate your Pinterest activity with Twitter and personal Facebook accounts to share new pins.

•    Engage other Pinterest users by re-pinning, liking, commenting, and following their posts and collections.

The Bottom Line?

You can focus your time and expertise on the core of your business. Meanwhile, Pinterest works in the background to continually engage your clients and reinforce your brand.

Let us help put Pinterest to work for you!  Please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



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