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Are You Using Twitter To Grow Your Business?

If you want to use Twitter on a personal basis, you can jump right in.  But using Twitter as a business tool requires planning and coordination.  How can Twitter be used to grow your business?

How Twitter Can Benefit Your Business

Reaches people who you couldn’t reach otherwise.

•    Builds strong relationships.  You can easily start conversations with new and existing customers.

•    Builds a community around your brand.

•    Provides a low-cost way to announce promotions, events and company news.

•    Keeps you aware of what’s happening in your industry.

What type of planning and coordination in the customization of Twitter
can make it an effective business tool?

How We Customize Your Twitter Setup to Work Effectively for You

•    Create your customized Twitter bio

•    Research the keywords that lead people to you. Build your bio around these keywords

•    Coordinate your Twitter banner style with your blog and other social media profile pages

•    Build your brand recognition through consistency in images, colors and personality across social media platforms.

The Bottom Line?

ou can focus your time and expertise on the core of your business. Meanwhile, Twitter works in the background to continually engage your clients and reinforce your brand.

Let us help put Twitter to work for you!  Please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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