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Hourly Social Media Virtual Assistant Services

Your Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Expand The Reach of Your Business or Ministry

Your web site is up and running.  Now it’s time to establish your presence on the social media sites that your potential customers are most likely to visit – platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest.  The “best” platforms to establish yourself on are the ones that your customers visit.

The PrePaid Hourly Social Media Virtual Assistant Services are ideal for you if you desire flexibility in selecting services and wish to tailor them to your unique needs.

You realize that:

•    A social media presence is important to your business
•    Social media requires expertise to set up and takes valuable time to maintain
•    Your social media platforms need to be consistent with each other

But where and how do you begin?  And where do you find the time to consistently maintain your social media presence?

Social media needn’t be frustrating or overwhelming.  Let your Social Media Virtual Assistant help you get started on the tasks that you choose.

Consider PrePaid Hourly Social Media Virtual Assistant Services
to accomplish the following tasks:

•    Set up your presence on any social media platform
•    Create a Facebook business page
•    Create and post customized bios
•    Create blogposts
•    Improve the efficiency of your social media updates through proven tools and methodologies
•    Or any other social media task that is consuming too much of your time or causing you stress

We provide Social Media Virtual Assistance and packages for clients from around the world including Christian ministries, churches, authors, life coaches and business executives.

Choose from any of the following PrePaid
Hourly Social Media Virtual Assistant Services:



    Your prepaid 10 hours of services

Price: $ 250.00




    Your prepaid 5 hours of services

Price: $ 137.50




•    Your prepaid 2 hours of services

Price: $ 60.00




These pre-paid services can be updated and renewed as your needs evolve and change.

Let us help put Social Media to work for you!  Please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



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