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Thank you for visiting my website. Perhaps you’ve landed here through searching on the term virtual assistant or social media. Or maybe you were referred to this site through another website. Whatever brought you here, we welcome you and are here to assist you with your social media needs.

What’s the story behind Olga Hermans?

You don’t know me…yet. People often ask me where I’m from because I speak English with an accent. My story is quite unconventional. It zig-zags between The Netherlands, the United States and Canada. Setting out into “The Unknown,” whether it be a new country, or a new technology, is part of my DNA. It is rooted in trusting God to pursue the vision he has placed in my heart.

I was born in The Netherlands (my native tongue is Dutch). For many, that brings to mind windmills and wooden shoes. But another image associated with my native country is the honesty and work ethic of its people. My father, a bakery owner, built his business around the idea that the customer is always right. Sounds simple. But he built a million dollar business that was known throughout The Netherlands.

Sadly, both my parents died when I was a young adult and I had to develop resourcefulness and determination beyond my years. And I longed for more from life. The “more” came into my life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through marrying my best friend.

Together, my husband and I have gone into “The Unknown” on many occasions: We moved to Canada to farm sugar beets. Returned to The Netherlands. Went to the States to attend Bible School. Returned to The Netherlands to start a Bible School. And returned to Canada. The Lord directed and provided miraculously throughout all these ventures. With the Lord’s help, I became well-seasoned in picking up new things.

Gifts and Talents

As we relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia I was being drawn to an entrepreneurial venture through which I could help others. I explored my interest of developing an online business by investing in training and coaching to make sure that I was well grounded. Those values of my father and my birth land were in full force as I dug into learning about this unknown world of online business.

Through persistence, and doing what I knew to do, step-by-step, I found the way. Online business became easier. And soon, others were seeking my advice and help. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is the importance of having help.

My blog, The Choice Driven Life, has been serving its subscribers for 2 years and has published over 200 issues and 260 devotionals. And I get help from an awesome coach; Kim Garst. She has taught me so much that I can’t wait to share with you. I have discovered that I have gifts and talents in Social Media management. And my desire is to use those gifts to help YOU turn YOUR passion into a Profit or to help extend the reach of your ministry.

I can help you navigate the unknown territory of social media

I know first hand how intimidating and overwhelming social media can be. I also know how exhilarating it feels when social media starts working for you. You will say, as I did: “If I only I had realized I needed help, I would have started a lot sooner.” It’s actually a lot of fun. You’ll see!

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