How to Set Up Your Blog To Be A Launching And Landing Pad For Social Media




How to Set Up Your Blog To Be
A Launching And Landing Pad For Social Media



I know first hand how overwhelming, and even annoying, it can be to implement social media. But social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) is not a trend or a fad. It is a permanent part of the online landscape.

If you use social media correctly and strategically, your business can grow significantly by reaching potential customers and turning those customers into loyal fans. It’s worth it to move beyond the obstacles and watch your business grow. But social media needs a launching and landing pad for all those potential customers. And your blog is that pad!

It’s All About Your Blog

Social media needs a home base and your home base will be your blog. Establishing your blog involves several steps. We’ll break those steps into action items that are within your capabilities. Then with your blog in place, your social media activities have a place to send those potential customers you’ll be connecting with.

I want you to make smart choices from the start about technology, software and blogging, so here are recommendations based on my experience.

These are the basic steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name That Works For You and Not Against You

A domain name serves as your address on a computer network. It’s where your clients and customers go to find you.

Your domain name should mirror your company name. And it should be easy to remember, easy to find, and easy to spell. Avoid spellings or words that are complicated to type. Imagine typing your chosen name as a web site address. For example, “Ellie’s Essentials” may sound nice, but typing can be confusing because of the multiple occurrences of the letters e, l and s. (In fact, the first time I typed it here, I misspelled it!) Also, no hyphens or apostrophes. Just a clear and catchy phrase.

Once you have come up with a name that works and is available as a domain name, go ahead and purchase it.

Now, you are ready to choose your blogging platform.

Step 2: Choose a Blogging Platform

There are several blogging platforms such as Blogger that are free or inexpensive. I use and recommend WordPress, which is also free. WordPress is easy to use. And I prefer it because it offers some important benefits that are not found in other platforms.

There are two packages, and, both free. I strongly suggest that you use because it gives you complete control and flexibility in the layout of your website and that is what you are looking for.

WordPress also has security and functionality measures in place that make it a good choice for your blogging platform. The WordPress software is updated regularly to address new security issues that may arise. The latest version of WordPress is always available from the main WordPress site. From a functionality standpoint, the system architecture behind WordPress features multiple data centers to host your website, while at the same making it respond faster to requests from around the world.

If you choose to go with, you will need to select a hosting site.

Step 3: Select a Web Hosting Service

The next step is to find a web hosting service that is reliable and offers the benefits and levels of service that you need in order to get the most out of your blog.

For beginners, I recommend because they offer high levels of customer support. Normally their hosting fees are $6.95 a month, but they are currently offering a special rate of $3.96 a month.

GoDaddy is also very good. They offer a ‘one click install’ Economy WordPress hosting plan that is really a great deal. Monthly hosting fees can be as little as $3 to $5 (that’s $36 to $60/ year) depending on how long you sign up for. Go to for more information.
You are almost ready to go, but you need to choose a theme.

Step 4: Install WordPress and Choose a Theme

Themes are the fun part. The look of your blog is an important part of your online image. It’s who you are and is part of your brand, so to speak.

Your theme should be flexible and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly, which means that it, works well with Google requirements. Choose a theme that you can easily edit and customize to make your own. Not only do you want to find an easily editable design theme, but you also need to find one that can be edited with a little CSS and HTML “know how.” Making these types of modifications will help you put your personal stamp on your blog and you want to be able to do that easily.

There are many WordPress themes, but there are only a few that I really recommend.
I use the Genesis theme and love it. It is both SEO and user-friendly. My coach, Kim Garst, uses and recommends the Headway theme.

So choose a theme and customize your blog to look spiffy, because it’s time to start writing.

Step 5: Let the Blogging Begin

All of the hoopla about names, platforms and hosting services has been for the purpose of creating a home base for your blog. Getting started with blogging is a very exciting step. Personally, I just jumped in and started writing. That would be my encouragement to you as well. Just do it.

It’s not necessary to be a perfect writer when you blog. We are all drawn to genuine people who share their experiences and opinions in an authentic way. Does that sound like something you can do? If you have a particular viewpoint or something that you have learned in life, blog about it. There are people out there who need to be encouraged or who might want to learn from what you know or have experienced.

The blog posts that you write are called “content.” The real challenge is to consistently create content that is valuable and interesting to your readers. I have learned that two posts per week, one on Monday and another on Thursday, is the preferred schedule for posting new content. Don’t ask me why Monday and Thursday. That’s what the research recommends and that’s what many of my friends do, so I stick with the Monday/Thursday formula.

Finally, it’s time to launch your social media

Step 6: Time to Meet People, Engage Them and Build Relationships

Once you have posted a few blogs, it’s time to engage with your readers. Allow them to make comments on your blog and then be sure to respond to their comments. Next you’re ready to begin linking your blogposts to your Facebook page and tweeting them to Twitter.

I suggest that you write this on a Post It note and keep it near your computer: “All customer contacts should lead back to my blog.” So when you link your blogpost to Facebook and someone opens it, they will be taken to your blog. When you tweet your blogpost to Twitter and someone opens it, they will be taken to your blog.

This is the fun part! Be genuine, make friends, share information, and attract followers in the process. That is social media in action.
How can we help?

This article has provided an overview of the steps you’ll want to follow to get your blog set up as your social media launching and landing pad. Are there any particular steps that are holding you back? Here at, we can customize a service package for you that will move you past that obstacle and get you on the road to social media. We can help! Contact us at a description of your needs and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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  1. Great tips Olga. The blog is your home base and is so important. Great details on how to get started!

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    So much amazing info here!! Sure wish I had it when I began online many years ago! This will surely help so many beginners! great job!

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  4. Ronae says:

    Yup, that “just do it” is probably the most important part! I’m always more attracted to a blog by ‘real people’ I can relate to (after all, my life isn’t perfect either!) than to a super-polished blog that leaves me feeling inadequate!

  5. Karla Campos says:

    Social media is definitely not a fad, great observations here : ) I always have clients that say WordPress is very easy to use and always say how much they love it.

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    Great step by step information Olga. You broke it down so it could easily be understood and pointed out the value of each step.

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